Only 12 people maximum. Enjoy with whoever you want, give something special in an incomparable environment. Check prices




Be one of the twelve people who enjoy a guided tour of the Can Vivot palace and its history. While in the rooms and patios, flamenco surprises happen, all in a close, intimate way.

The Can Vivot palace, from the beginning of the 18th century, is a building that preserves all its architectural and decorative features. This makes it one of the few original palaces preserved within an old town, since most have been transformed.

Can Vivot has remained in the same family to this day. They have known how to value the legacy and maintain it.

Listen to the singing in the library, watch dancing in the halls or play the guitar in one of the patios of this imposing building, all of it from the artistic hand of Flamallorca and the guide of Can Vivot.

Due to the conservation of the building, the group will be limited to 12 guests.