Open show


When the fifth barrier is broken, the feeling is totally different from any other show, if you stretch out your arm, you can touch them.

Everything is wrapped in the majesty of this 18th century palace that offers more than a thousand square meters in its patios and will welcome us with good taste.



Enjoy a show with all the disciplines of flamenco, let yourself be enveloped by the singing, travel with the sound of the guitar, feel the rhythm of the clapping or admire the beauty of the dance.

We will take a short tour of the courtyards of Can Vivot full of history, where we will see brushstrokes of each artist in their purest form. Afterwards we will sit down to enjoy a genuine flamenco show.

The Show covers the styles of flamenco, from its origins, solo singing, to bulerías. Some of the styles: Tonás, fandangos, soleá, tangos, alegrías, guajiras, bulerías...

The entire show time is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes ( aprox).

Families, group of friends, couple surprises, exclusively for you and your loved ones.

Capacity maximun 12/15 pax.  Check prices